Seydel Firmcover Case (for 20 harmonicas with shoulder strap) – 920000b



  • Case made of two hard covers with “soft” sides, outside clad with tough synthetic weave. PLEASE NOTE: this is not considered a hardshell case, but the covers are very firm unlike a “softcase”.
  • On the inside covered with smooth cloth.
  • Robust zipper with two SEYDEL-Sun pulls.
  • Flexible Neoprene-like inside pockets holding for up to 20 Blues-Harmonicas stored in three racks – reallyprotected and shockproof.
  • Each row has a flap equipped with Velcro toclose the pockets.
  • The middle row holding for 6 harmonicas can be removed and then serves as an individual pouch or even a beltbag.
  • Two additional Velcro holders for two larger harmonicas (e.g. Chromatic) or longish microphones(e.g. SHURE 545 SD).
  • If you fill the upper two racks with 13 instruments (7+6) there is enough space left for cable,microphone and tools in the lower part (also fits for bullet-like mics like the Green Bullet or Astatic).
  • 12 instruments of all keys can be sorted like an octave of a piano keyboard!
  • Two eyes are riveted onto the outside – ready for the shoulder strap provided.
  • Small outer dimensions (30 x 19 x 9 cm, 11.8 x 7.5 x 3.5 in), rounded edges and light-weight (550g, 17 oz).

Dave Gage Review: This is a well designed and well thought out case for a player that needs extra space for other tunings or backups of important keys when gigging or traveling. It is not as heavy as the typical “hard shell” case and I think it’s easier to organize your diatonics then the hard shell case that comes with trays because you are able to view the harmonica key imprinted on the end of your harmonica.

NOTE: Seydel and Hohner Diatonics will fit snugly into the Neoprene-like inside pockets of this case. Lee Oskar diatonics are slightly wider and will fit, but may fit tight.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz

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