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“Fun Blues Harmonica Jam”
Dave Gage is the is the founder of this website and HarmonicaLessons.com. His sons, Brody and Alex, now called the Brothers Gage, are seen here jamming on harmonicas back when they were 10 and 12 year old kids. This video shot in 2015, is an unedited take playing an improvised blues and country based jam and having a bunch of fun.

One plays rhythm beatbox harmonica while the other takes a solo. They are both playing a standard key of “C” 10-hole diatonic in 2nd Position (which is also known as “Crossharp”). They both learned to play harmonica around age 5 and now also sing, play guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards. They released their first single back in 2018 (visit the link below for info).

The key to getting good at harmonica is consistency. They still play & practice every day and haven’t missed a day in many, many years.
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About Harmonica Store
Harmonica Store is a family business owned and run by Dave Gage and established in 2002. He has been playing professionally, teaching, and selling harmonicas for over 35 years. Dave is also behind: HarmonicaLessons.com, LearnHarmonica.com, and Harmonica4kids.com.
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