Lee Oskar 6-Pack Popular Keys w/ Soft Case & Beginning Book Package (1113826-LOHP-1910s)



Save money and buy the 6 most popular and common keys of the Lee Oskar Major Diatonic with carrying pouch, and, grab the 102-page Beginning Instruction Book, and get started playing!

Lee Oskar 6-Pack Popular Keys 10-Hole Diatonic Harmonica:
Includes keys of: “C”, “D”, “F”, “G”, “A”, and “Bb”.

These are the most common keys needed if you plan to jam in 2nd Position with friends or bands or album music.

Lee Oskar Harmonica Soft Carry Case: Also included is a zippered harmonica carry case pouch that will hold up to 7 diatonic harmonicas. Each harmonica is held in place by an elastic strap.

“Harmonica Beginners: Easy How To Play Guide Book” by Dave Gage (Instruction Book): *Tips, Techniques, Lesson Plans, Easy Blues Riffs for Jamming, and 10 Fun & Easy Songs. *Clear, concise explanations for beginners of all ages. *Simple Song Note Tablature — You don’t need to read music to play. *Includes a FREE Trial Membership at Sample 45 hours of lesson video and attend live, online classes for a week. 102 pages, 65 photos; also, free access to website audio song/riff examples.

This book is designed for a standard 10-hole diatonic harmonica (preferably in the key of “C” which is included in this package deal).

Songs Included in the Instruction Book:

  • Amazing Grace
  • Jingle Bells
  • Oh Susanna
  • Home on the Range
  • Joy to the World
  • …and 5 more easy-to-play songs.
  • Bending notes (for blues, country, rock)
  • 6 Easy-to-Play Blues Riffs
  • Learn Single Notes, Holding/Hand Effects, Correct Breathing technique
  • Six Weeks of Lesson Plans
  • …and much more!

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