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SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE | The Madcat is a miniature, handmade mic made expressly for the harp player. It cups easily in the hand letting you produce very natural wah-wah sounds while putting the lid on the harp player’s biggest enemy–feedback. It’s equipped with a volume knob, short 1/4″ cable, and comes with an extender jack for connecting a longer instrument cable. This is a great alternative to bulkier, heavier bullet-style mics which doesn’t compromise on the filthy tone blues players demand.

Dave Gage Thoughts: A slightly smaller and brighter — with more high end, version of the Shaker Mad Dog mic. The sound is closer to the the blues harmonica mic sound of the past. With good breathing, it’s easy to over-drive the mic for a distorted blues sound. Because of the emphasis in the high mid-range of this mic compared to the Mad Dog, it tends to feedback at a lower volume (which is not much of a problem in the recording studio or if you mic your harmonica amp on-stage).

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