UltraBend Sub-30 Suzuki Diatonic Harmonica, Play Chromatic Scale (SUB30-)



“In order to play a chromatic scale on the normal 10 hole harmonica (Below: 10H), you have to use difficult overblow/overdraw techniques, which require harmonicas with very delicate reed setup. The new Suzuki SUB30 UltraBend changes all that! Now you can get a chromatic scale by normal playing using a simple bending technique. With the SUB30 UltraBend, you can easliy play phrases and music styles that you gave up on before, because you could not get some notes.”

“The revolutionary new SUB30 UltraBend harmonica gives you 18 bends of a semitone or more (instead of the usual 8 on a normal harp)! And these are all stable bends, easy to control at the correct pitch, bend up and down, add vibrato etc – just the same as the bends you’re use to already. In addition to its chromatic ability, the SUB30 UltraBend you lots of extra expression on every note. Its fresh new possibilities will bring the creativity flowing out of you.” – Suzuki

Dave Gage Thoughts: This has been compared favorably to the discontinued Hohner XB-40. Both harmonicas allow you play a chromatic scale with standard blow and draw bends. It’s not for everyone, but if you are solid with your bends on a diatonic and don’t wish to play chromatic harmonica, this may be for you. For diatonic & chromatic harmonica instruction, tips, video lessons, songs and scales, visit our sister-website, HarmonicaLessons.com.

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Weight 2 oz

C, D, A