Teton Acoustic Solid Cedar Top Dreadnought | FREE UPS SHIPPING $45 value! (STS105NT)


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The full sound and warm tones you get from the STS105,

combined with the matte finish on a solid cedar top and

3-ply mahogany back and sides, have made this our

bestselling model. The new 12-string and left handed options make this a must have!

The Dreadnought series is the most popular body shape for

steel string guitar in the world. Huge sounds, beautiful

highs in the upper end and gorgeous lows in the bass. One

of the go-to choices for musicians of all styles around the

world. Cedar top with rosewood back and sides. Includes the

Fishmanʼs 301 electronic system making the perfect guitar

for stage and studio.

Dave Gage Review:

“I’ve played guitar for almost 35 years and have been

teaching harmonica in a guitar store for over 30 years.

I own six guitars (which is way too many for a guy who

is essentially a harmonica player). I am no professional

guitar player, but I have been around acoustic and

electric guitar experts for all those years.

My personal favorite acoustic guitars are Taylor and

Goodall (I own one Taylor, but can’t afford a Goodall).

To be clear, this Teton acoustic-electic is not a Taylor

or Goodall, but it sounds and plays great and costs a

fraction of the price of a similar Taylor, Collings, or

Martin. You can’t go wrong with a solid spruce top,

rosewood fretboard with a built-in Fishman pickup and

electronic tuner at this price. This is a great 1st

guitar for a beginner or a perfect upgrade as a

replacement for a cheap starter guitar. And of course, a

wonderful gift.”