Suzuki Promaster Replacement Reed Plates (RP350)



Some Keys are Special Order:

Some of the less common keys are special order items. May add 2-4 weeks to normal shipping time.

Instead of buying a new Suzuki Promaster diatonic harmonica, you can purchase a set of these replacement reedplates when one or more reeds go bad. These reed plates will also work in the Suzuki Pipe Humming model.

Be sure to use the “Choose Key:” pull-down menu to select your key. Return to this page to add additional keys to your order.

Special Order Additional Keys: If you need a reed plate key other than what is in the pull-down menu, or reed plates for the Suzuki Overdrive, Promaster Valved, Pure Harp or Firebreath, Contact Us for Special Order keys or plates.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz

C, D, G, A

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