Shaker Mad Dog Harmonica Microphone 1/4″ (SMDG)



A second generation Madcat microphone for those who love the ease of using the Madcat, but want a BIGGER bottom end. What does it sound like? The tone is very “Butterfieldish”. Definitely unique. Same ergonomic shape as the Madcat, but with a bigger bottom pod. Very technique sensative due to its large diameter dynamic element. This mic has a big bite! MADE IN THE USA.

Dave Gage Thoughts: This is a slightly bigger version of the Shaker Mad Cat (see link below) mic without as much high end. It has a beefier, more mid-range sound and is the most feedback resistant of all the Shaker mics (and possibly all harmonica mics). You can get a good amount of on-stage volume with the Mad Dog before worrying about feedback. The mic slides comfortably between your outside fingers and allows easy access to the volume control.

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Weight 2 oz