Shaker Dynamic Harp Microphone 1/4″ (SD1/4)



This tiny, handmade dynamic mic is designed for the harp player seeking huge, fat tone without the bulk and feedback of traditional mics. It cups easily in your hand so that you can produce cool acoustic effects normally limited to players who use a mic on a stand. The built-in, detented volume knob cuts you free from your amp’s volume control and the feedback-resistant design lets you get as loud and nasty as you want. Equipped with a 1/4″ guitar jack.

Dave Gage Thoughts: This is one of the original Shaker Harmonica Microphones. It’s a great shape for holding, especially for those with smaller hands that find the bullet or Shure 58 type ball mics too big and clumsy. Feedback resistance is not as good as with the Mad Dog (or even the Mad Cat). The Shaker Retro Rocket has a different shape and a better sound if you want a traditional amplified blues harmonica sound (see link below).

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Weight 2 oz