Seydel Fanfare Tremolo Harmonica (22480-)



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“Professional Tremolo harmonica with acrylic comb and mouthpiece. The Fanfare is a Tremolo harmonica that is optimized for air-tightness and therefore can be played with an easiness and sonority that is unusual for a Tremolo harmonica. In contrast to other Tremolo-models the player can play really soft – embouchure is just like that on a chromatic harmonica.

Those who know the Seydel harmonicas will see a Chromatic DeLuxe as the basis of the Fanfare – the Fanfare is a professional harmonica, that is especially suited to be loud enough when playing together with other instruments!” – Seydel

Dave Gage Thoughts: Tremolo harmonicas sound nice and don’t require much technical ability to make music. They are very limited in what you can play unlike a standard diatonic or chromatic harmonica, but they do sound good, are easy to play, and make a great gift for an absolute beginner.

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Weight 2 oz

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