Seydel Basic Toolset Harmonica Repair Tool Kit (900000)



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Seydel tool kit for adjusting the reed gaps and exchanging reeds of harmonicas.

The Tools Included:
(1) Pincers
(2) Drill bit HSS 2,0 mm
(3) Screw slotted 1.4mm x 3.9mm
(4) Starnut 2.2 M1.4 (German Silver)
(5) De-riveting tool
(6) Starnut wrench
(7) Tapper M 1.4
(8a) Cross slot screwdriver (x) PZ0
(8b) Screwdriver (-) 2,0×4
(9) Feeler gauges (8 pcs. – 0.05 -0.5 mm)
(10) Universal holder
(11) Reamers 1,3mm und 1,4mm
(12) Tuning file

The case provided (13) could also hold for 2 chromatic harmonicas instead of the tools!- Seydel

Dave Gage Thoughts: This is an excellent tool kit for those who like to tinker and/or would like to save some money on new harmonicas and even replacement reed plates by replacing your own single reeds when they go bad. You can buy replacement reeds from Seydel or you can take it from an old harmonica that has a bad reed or two, but many good reeds available. These tools should work equally well on virtually all diatonic and chromatic brands/models like Hohner, Suzuki, Lee Oskar, etc. [You may need to pick up a few extra screwdrivers to match the screw types of other manufacturers.]

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