Seydel 1847 Classic Harmonicas | All 12 keys (PD-16201-12)



Perfect for playing in all 12 keys of blues, rock, country, bluegrass, hip-hop, or whatever music you play. Save time and money when you buy all 12 standard keys of the Seydel 1847 Classic Diatonic harmonica. Each harmonica comes in it’s own protective case. This model is “Just Intonation” tuned so that your chord playing sounds a bit smoother and richer.

Includes keys of: “C”, “Db”, “D”, “Eb”, “E”, “F”, “F#”, “G”, “Ab”, “A”, “Bb” and “B”.

  • A top choice for pros, but great for beginners and up.
  • Extremely air-tight construction. Great volume and tone with less effort.
  • Available in all 12 keys. Buy a complete set or just your important keys.
  • Very long durability and even with heavy duty playing – stainless steel reeds and stainless steel rivets.
  • Octave LOW keys also available. Low keys include octave low versions of “C”- “B” plus DOUBLE LOW “E”, “F”, “F#”
  • Moisture-proof, swelling-free maple-comb, sealed with multiple layers of food-safe finish.

Dave Gage Review: Not unlike the Hohner Marine Band Crossover, the 1847 Classic is one of the best sounding and playing diatonic harmonicas out of the box. Great for players of all levels and music styles and worth the extra money for the increased quality and playability. The sound is not as bright as the Hohner Crossover (link below), but instead has a nice, even mid-range kind of sound, it’s loud and smooth. It is completely manufactured in Germany and plays as well as expensive, customized harmonicas.

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