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SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE | New Design!! Eleuke Tenor Steel String Les Paul Style Ukulele. Solid body with Arcacia wood veneer top and back. Comes with 20 frets, beautful eye catching white maple neck with steel truss rod reinforcement. The white maple neck contrasts against the dark acacia wood body and rosewood fingerboard for an awesome look on stage. Including headphone output jack, MP3 input jack plus cable, and the Eleuke custom gig bag with red lettering.

This steel string uke comes with unique tuning, (bottom to top) 1st stg C, 2nd stg G, 3rd stg D#, 4th stg A#. One and a half steps/notes higher than normal ukuele tuning for a more uke like sound. You will find the highs are very impressive. This alternative tuning is simply one and a half steps higher than traditional A, E, C, G tuning. Has a dual pickup system. A single coil pickup at the neck and a piezo pickup under the saddle. Can play one pickup or the other or a mixture of both as you like. Built to go from shy to in-your-face as the player’s needs require.

Play anything from punk rock songs to jazz standards to traditional ukulele ballads. 1. The Eleuke comes with 1/4″ output jack for plugging into amp. You can also hear your music from MP3 input playing in your amplifier or ear phones. This option makes for great practice as you play along with your favorite artists. 2. Stereo head phone output: Dual purpose head phone jack. Use for quiet practice time and also in-home recordings. Direct connection to your computer’s mic input makes quality in home recordings a breeze. 3. Competitive price range: With cost effective EQ electronics design, Eleuke accomplished the most price competitive ukuleles in the world with unique function like head phone stereo output and the Patent Pending MP3 input.

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