Lee Oskar Harmonica Major Diatonic (1910)



“The No. 1 diatonic harmonica recommendation, along with the Hohner Crossover Harmonica. A serious beginner or even a pro harmonica player can’t go wrong with the standard Lee Oskar major diatonic in the key of “C”.

You can spend less or even more for a diatonic, but the Lee Oskar Major diatonic is worth its price for consistent playing volume, tone, quality, and durability. Its airtight design makes it easier to learn to bend on. The Lee Oscar harmonicas also feature the 1st Position and 2nd Position keys printed on the ends of each diatonic for easy reference. You can also order Lee  Oskar Replacement Reed Plates (see link below) when the reeds go bad. Includes a protective hard plastic case.

Be sure to use the “Choose Key:” pull-down menu to select your key. The default key of “C” is good if you are just starting out. After “C”, other good beginner keys include: “A”, “D”, “F”, and “G”. Return to this page to add additional keys to your order.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz

Low F#, C, D flat, D, E flat, E, F, F sharp, G, A flat, A, B flat, B, Low C, Low D, Low E, Low F, LowF#, High G

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