NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Hohner Thunderbird Crossover Harmonica | Low-Key Harp (M2011)


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SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE | The Thunderbird creates a new benchmark for

low and super low diatonic harmonicas by incorporating:

Special new reed profiles for fast response and high

volume even at an extremely low pitch, patented triple

laminated and layered bamboo comb construction, conical

lower cover design by noted harmonica-customizer Joe

Filisko prevents reed rattle, and cover and plates

fitted with Phillips head screws for easy maintenance.

Dave Gage Review: Finally, a low-keyed collection

of diatonics that don’t buzz. This is because Hohner

raised the cover plates so that the swing arc of the

reed cannot touch the cover plate and cause a buzzing


This Thunderbird is essentially the low keys for

the Hohner Crossover Marine Band model. I’m not sure why

it needed a completely different name, but it has one. It

is indeed a “Crossover” for the low keys. If you need or

enjoy a low diatonic harmonica sound, you will love these!