Hohner Piedmont Blues Harmonicas | 7 Harps and Case (PBH7)



The Hohner Piedmont Blues set with case presents the beginning harmonica player with an affordable way to sample playing in seven different keys (G, A, Bb, C, D, E, F). Each of the seven diatonic harmonicas has a matte black finish with gold trim and the entire set comes in the (pictured above) zippered case. Packaging includes a cardboard sleeve with printed instructions and a key chart to get you started. The case size is: 5.5″W x 2.75″H x 9.5″D.

Our Thoughts: Make no mistake, these are very low quality harmonicas and are not recommended for any serious beginner. The fact that the you get a nice 7-harmonica Hohner case and harmonicas in numerous popular keys makes this a good deal. If you are a beginner, be sure to also pick up a quality diatonic harmonica in the key of “C” like the Lee Oskar Major or the Hohner Special 20 (links below). You will instantly notice the difference when comparing the cheaper and better quality “C” diatonics side-by-side. Trying to learn to play exclusively on poor quality instruments makes your job considerably more difficult. As your harmonica playing skills increase and you need better quality harmonicas in these other keys, you can replace them and continue to use the case. (Instead of tossing the old harmonicas, sanitize them and give them to a kid to toot on.)

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Weight 2 oz

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