NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Hohner Meisterklasse Pro 14-hole Chromatic Harmonica (7565C)





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SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE | For pros and pro-minded players, this fine 14-hole

chromatic harmonica features a milled

aluminum body, precision engineered quiet slide and

chrome-plated covers and mouthpiece. Excellent

response-coupled with a bright, strong, unique

tone which enables the Hohner Meisterklasse Chromatic

Harmonica to shine in any musical setting. Key of C.

Dave Gage Thoughts: This chromatic is essentially

an extended 12-hole and is perfect for any player

requiring notes below Middle C (the “G”, “Ab”,

“A”, “Bb” and “B”) for jazz horn parts and solos. This

chromatic does not have the two lowest holes as found on

a standard 16-hole chromatic, but many players find that

because of the physical length of the reeds and wind

savers, those two lowest holes are difficult to use

anyway without hearing an additional “rattling” sound

from the wind saver valves.

This item is available through special order and may

add 1-3 weeks to standard shipping time.