Hohner Marine Band Crossover Harp | Beginner Harmonica Instruction Book (1113826-M2009C)



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Get started right with our 90-page Beginners Harmonica Instruction Book and an excellent quality diatonic harmonica (in the Key of “C”) for learning how to play harmonica!

This pro-quality Marine Band Crossover sports a quality laminated, air-tight bamboo Comb (reed plates are fastened to the comb with screws) that creates a great tone and ease of bending for blues, rock, country, hip-hop, or whatever style of music you play. Comes in its own black zippered pouch.

Dave Gage Review: One of the best sounding and playing diatonic harmonicas out of the box. Great for players of all levels and music styles and worth the extra money for the increased quality and playability. The sound is bright, but not too bright. It plays as well as expensive, customized harmonicas.

“Harmonica: Beginners Start Here” Instruction Book:
Anyone can learn to play harmonica with this first book of the “ Beginning Diatonic Harmonica Book Series.” Clear, concise explanations for beginners of all ages. No prior music experience is necessary.

*FREE audio examples for book buyers at (see Chapter 9 of book).

This book is designed for a standard 10-hole diatonic harmonica (preferably in the key of “C”) and includes: Techniques, tips, lessons plans, blues jamming, and 10 Fun Songs (you don’t need to read music to play them).

Included in the Book:

  • Amazing Grace
  • Jingle Bells
  • Oh Susanna
  • Home on the Range
  • Joy to the World
  • …and 5 more easy-to-play songs.
  • Bending notes
  • 6 Easy-to-Play Blues Riffs
  • Learn Single Notes
  • Six Weeks of Lesson Plans
  • …and much more!

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