Hohner CX-12 Chromatic Harmonica – Easy to Play for Beginners (7545C)



Special Order Item:

May add 2-4 weeks to normal shipping time.

The CX-12 has a smooth ballad-like sound, easy action, good volume, and ease of dis-assembly for cleaning and repair. It is not styled like a traditional chromatic, but has it’s own unique flavor. Key of “C” (only), 12 holes, 3 complete octaves, hole 1 is “middle C”.

Pro Recommendation:
“Great for beginners. It’s louder without losing any dynamic range. The CX-12 is easier to bend notes on, and facilitates some extended techniques with less trouble then other harps I’ve tried. The ease of taking the CX-12 apart is a huge plus for me.”- Bill Barrett

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