NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Hohner Cross Harp MS Harmonica (565/20)


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SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE | This is a solid choice for a Hohner MS diatonic harp. It

comes with cool black cover plates and a gold-anodized

plastic comb. They do look great and the playability and

sound is comparable to the other high-end MS

Hohner models (which have the thicker, higher quality

MS reed plates like the Meisterklasse listed below) that

we recommend.

The “MS” in the Hohner-MS

refers to the Hohner Modular System which means you can

use these reed plates interchangeably between all “MS”

products and buy “MS” replacement reed plates.

Be sure to use the

“Choose Key:” pull-down menu to select your key.

The default key of “C” is good if

you are just starting out. After “C”, other good beginner keys

include: “A”, “D”, “F”, and “G”. Return to this page to

add additional

keys to your order.

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