Harmonica Holder – Neck Rack | Lee Oskar (10HH)



Specially designed neck rack (harmonica holder) for any and all standard 10-hole harmonicas. Spring loaded holder for fast harmonica changes. Light-weight design and easy to use.

Dave Gage Thoughts: Although this neck rack is not as solid as some of the other Hohner models (see below for product links), it may be one of the best of the bunch. It is made specifically for standard 10-hole diatonics, but there is enough space in the tray so that you are able to slide the harmonica over to the right by about 1 inch for better positioning when playing in the 2nd Position.

If you desire to, you are able to bend in the thin metal bars on both sides (in towards your mouth) so that the angle of the harmonica is in a better place to focus the airflow straight through the holes (the sturdier models out there can’t be bent this way). Also, the design of the tray holds the harmonica securely but still leaves plenty of room to get the harmonica into your mouth for better tone production.

If you desire sturdy and adjustable, see the Hohner Flex Neck Rack harmonica holder below (more expensive, but works great.)

Additional information

Weight 2 oz

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