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SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE | The complete songbook from the greatest singer/songwriter

of all time. Now with every song together in one giant

volume, the ultimate Dylan songbook features over 329 tunes

including all of his greatest hits as well as his

lesser-known work. With melody line, chord symbols and

full lyrics.

*About “Fake” Books (NOT specifically for harmonica)-

A “fake” book contains songs written in a concise format

that includes only the melody and chords which can be

used and read by all instruments. This allows you to

interpret the song’s performance as you feel is


You must be able to read music and chord

notation to use “Fake” books. This is great for quickly

learning songs by yourself or with an ensemble.

Each song in a fake book only has a single melody

actually written out in notes, which is usually the

vocal or lead melody. This melody will have the lyrics

written beneath the notes, with each word aligned to its

corresponding note. Above the notes of the melody will

appear the names of the appropriate chords to play –

for example, a “C minor” chord would be written as

“Cmin” or Cm”, rather than writing out all of the notes

in those chords as they appeared in the original version

of the song. This format is very compact, which is why

you will often see “fake” books containing 500 or more