6 Pack Lee Oskar Other Harmonica Keys and Pouch (LOHP-1910s)


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Save money and buy the 6 less common, but useful keys for the Lee Oskar Major Diatonic.

Includes keys of: “B”, “Db”, “Eb”, “E”, “F#”, and “Ab”.

These are less common keys, but are needed if you plan to jam in 2nd Position with friends or bands or CDs and want to be prepared to play in any key. Also included is the Lee Oskar Harmonica Soft Pouch, a zippered harmonica carry case that will hold up to 7 diatonic harmonicas. Each harmonica is held in place by an elastic strap.

“The No. 1 HarmonicaLessons.com diatonic harmonica recommendation. You can spend less or even more for a diatonic, but the Lee Oskar Major diatonic is worth it’s price for consistent playing volume, tone, and durability. It’s airtightness makes it easier to learn to bend on. The Lee Oskar harmonicas also feature the 1st Position and 2nd Position keys printed on the ends of each diatonic for easy reference.”

Click here if you’d like to separately purchase the Lee Oskar Major Diatonics or the Lee Oskar Soft Pouch. If you don’t yet have the more common keys, click here for the Lee Oskar Major Diatonic 6-Pack/pouch (popular keys) package deal.

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