6 Pack Hohner Crossovers with Case | Popular Harmonica Keys (M2009-6POP)



Save money and buy the 6 most common and popular harmonica keys for the Hohner Marine Band Crossover Diatonic harmonicas with a Hohner FLEXCASE M – Holds 7 Harmonicas (case in picture is slightly different).

Includes keys of: “C”, “D”, “F”, G”, “A”, and “Bb”.

The classic Hohner Marine Band harmonica has a new sibling. The pro-quality Marine Band Crossover sports a quality laminated, air-tight bamboo Comb (reed plates are fastened to the comb with screws) that creates a great tone and ease of bending for blues, rock, country, hip-hop, or whatever style of music you play. Comes in its own black zippered pouch.

The modern compromise tuning of the reeds is great for single note playing in different positions, but still ensures a full chord sound, making the Hohner Crossover an excellent addition to the line of Marine Band Harmonicas. The reeds and reed plates are identical to the Hohner Marine Band Deluxe. Replacement reed plates for this harmonica or the Hohner Marine Band Deluxemay be ordered directly through the Hohner Company.

Dave Gage Review: One of the best sounding and playing diatonic harmonicas out of the box. Great for players of all levels and music styles and worth the extra money for the increased quality and playability. The sound is bright, but not too bright. It plays as well as expensive, customized harmonicas.

The Marine Band Deluxe was a huge improvement over the old standard Marine Band, and the Crossovers are a big improvement over the Marine Band Deluxe. The Crossovers have a completely sealed bamboo comb versus the partially sealed Marine Band Deluxe comb which means no more comb warping and less air leaks with the Crossover. As noted above, the reed plates for the Crossover are the same as the Marine Band Deluxe and will work interchangeably.

Due to the “Compromise tuning”, the chord playing is smooth and full and the single notes also play nicely in tune, so playing in positions other then 1st and 2nd is not a problem for intonation. Because of the air-tight construction (sealed comb and screws instead of nails to attach the reedplates), bending and overblows and overdraws are much easier then on most other diatonics. This is great news for beginners learning to bend and those speedsters and over-blowers out there looking for an air-tight harmonica that can keep up with their playing.

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Weight 2 oz