5 Pack Hohner Blues Harp MS and Case (532CASE)


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SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE | Save money and buy 5 popular keys of the

Hohner Blues Harp Diatonic. Also included is a free

Hohner logo carrying

case that holds 7 harmonicas total. (If you’d like to add

2 more popular keys to fill out your case, we recommend

adding the Blues Harp

keys of “F” and “Bb”.) The case size is:

5.5″W x 2.75″H x 9.5″D.

Includes keys of: “C”, “D”, “E”, “G”, “A”.

The “MS” in the product title refers to the Hohner

Modular System which means you can use these reed plates

interchangeably between all “MS” products and buy “MS”

replacement reed plates.

Dave Gage thoughts: If you’d like a

diatonic with a wood-comb, this and the Hohner

Marine Band

Deluxe are the best ones out of the box in terms of

consistent air-tightness. If you’re an experienced player,

give it a try. If you are a beginner, you are best off

starting with a plastic comb model like the Lee Oskar

Major Diatonic or Hohner Special


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